Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My run in with NOPD

At 9:30 p.m. on Sunday I left home for gas and cigarettes. (I really shouldn't be smoking, either but that is totally beside the point). At a red light I notice the cops stopped beside me--staring.

When the light turns green they get behind me and pull me over, so I'm thinking "oh I probably have a brake light out or something." This tatted up lady cop proceeds to tell me that I "ran a few stop signs." Which I absolutely did not. There weren't even a "few" stop signs between my house and where they pulled me over. Then she said I looked suspicious and asked if I had any weapons in the car and then ran my id.

Meanwhile man cop starts banging on my passenger side door, at which point I start to cry because I'm scared (they are notorious for being serious douche bags). So I unlock the door and say "Officer, would you like me to exit the vehicle?" He says no and sits down INSIDE MY CAR and starts asking me questions. 10 minutes later they let me go - not that they had anything they could possibly charge me with anyway.

I'm just wondering how the hell did I look suspicious? Suspiciously adorable maybe...

(note: this post was not written explicitly for this blog. It was copy/pasted from an e-mail I sent to my pen-pal Julie because I was too lazy to retell the story).

Updates from the Murder Capital

Today I named a new neighborhood in New Orleans.
It's the corner of Simon Boliver and Martin Luther King Boulevard and it's called "HoverRound Central."
For some reason, everyone in the city who owns a HoverRound hangs out in this area - and most are not old like in the commercial. I'm not sure if it is a club or what but all of the HoverRound owners seem to know each other.

Saturday, August 1, 2009