Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spreading the message to queer teens being bullied: IT GETS BETTER

I was really moved by the recent "It Gets Better" video campaign started by Dan Savage to help spread the message to at-risk queer youth that bullying is not okay and that it does get better.

With so may issues like Don't Ask Don't Tell and gay marriage being illegal, we are sending a message to our youth that it isn't okay to be gay. It isn't okay to be gay and be with the person you love; it isn't okay to be gay and serve your country. These ideas are the foundation of "gay bashing" and queer bullying. These are ideas that WE, as Americans, have passed on to our youth - queer and otherwise.

I am so incredibly excited about this campaign and the message it is sending out. This is necessary. These kids NEED to see this; videos of successful queer people sharing their stories and sending out a personal, positive message to everyone watching.

We as queer people need to stand up now for our own rights and for the rights of the kids in America who are growing up in a society that still says this is not okay - that we are not okay.

Stand with me.

On October 16th, location TBA, we will be hosting an event called "It Gets Better - New Orleans." <- please click that link and join our fan page to stay updated.

Spread the word, come out to the event, share your story.

Want to join the street team? Email me @