Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh, Hey There!

Life in the fast lane means I haven't blogged in quite a few months. I tried TUMBLR for a while because I thought it would fit better with my A.D.D. lifestyle but I wasn't a fan.

Really, I'm on the fence about whether this should be a place for professional content or personal musings and so for now it will probably be a mix of each.

What's happened since April:

I quit my job at the non-profit and started working for myself for 2 months

I realized that launching a freelance career is complicated and takes time and began searching for a badass supplementary gig

Launch Pad (coolest coworking spot in New Orleans) put out a call for a new Community Manager (40 hour presence/20 hour LP work) and I got it! So now I have a solid gig and am working on building my personal brand and list of independent clients

Leigh and I broke up. No no, it's okay. We are on excellent terms and are both enjoying our newfound personal space and freedom

I went to D.C. for the TEDxOilSpill Conference and the Poynter Institute conference and they both rocked

I went to NYC to visit my amazing friend and up and coming comedian Zach Broussard and met my internet BFF, Lynn Casper IRL for the first time. We came up with a vlog series called "At the Space Bar" where we discuss online communication among the gay community. The vlog was picked up by and mentioned on!

I moved into the tiniest, most adorable studio apartment and I absolutely love it! Mostly, I'm really excited to be back living in the Irish Channel; I love this neighborhood.

Anyway, those are the highlights:)