Monday, December 21, 2009

Evangelical Brilliance

Yes, that's right. The Evangelicals are brilliant. What other faith-based group has succeeded in getting so much positive free advertising?

Right now, the gay rights movement in America is stronger than ever. And with almost every religion claiming to be more forgiving and less judgmental than the next, it only makes sense for one of them to step up and welcome gays with open arms.

I would love to shake hands with the marketing team for the Evangelical faith. They really are on a fast road to taking over the religious sector of America.

However, I saw the documentary "Jesus Camp," (a must watch if you haven't already) and I think I'll just stick to my own reliable and nonjudgmental religion: yoga.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Austin is for hipsters and New Orleans is for me

So we STILL haven't put the video together yet but thanks to everyone who donated to the super epic BFF road trip. I learned a few very important lessons on this trip:

1. I don't like Austin and I don't ever want to live there.

2. New Orleans is, in fact, HOME and I really really love it here.

3. People in Austin are FREAKISHLY tall. Like out of control.

4. I love my girlfriend too much to spend a whole week away from her just for the hell of it.

That said, I'm still so new to New Orleans and there's so much here that I haven't seen/done that it seems silly to take a "vacation." Also, I'm really on the cusp of making actual friends here. Really great ones. I'm pretty excited about that.