Monday, March 8, 2010

Social Experiment Gone Mean

One of my favorite online "kill time" things to do is read "missed connections" on craigslist and wonder if the people writing them are actually serious.

Instead of posting a "missed connection," I opted for another category that I thought was even more absurd: "strictly platonic." Because really, why would you use CRAIGSLIST to look for friends when you could just strike up conversation at a concert, book store or ANY type of social event?

I tried to opt for something that was slightly true: using almost my real age and saying I just moved to the city; but I added a few embellishments.

Here's what I ended up with:

"So I just moved to New Orleans and am totally loving it, all except I haven't made any friends yet!
Would love to meet some cool girls to go shopping and have coffee with...
No boys please. Well super cute little gay boys would be okay. Love of shopping is a MUST!
Oh, and similar music taste would be cool too. I LOVE Taylor Swift."

Hilarious right? Why would you write back to that person? Well...these girls did. And it only took a matter of hours:

"Hi im a 20 year old blk female... i saw ur add on cl and i responding im also looking to make friends but i've live here my hole life... umm a few things about i have a 2year old son im and ex dancer and i live in new orleans east... sooo if interested and hang out give me a call or txt 504-XXX-XXXX (amanda) OH YEA I HAVE A MYSPACE WITH PICS ON IT... "

(Yes, she gave me her actual phone number)

Hey girl, my name is Brianna .. I sort of just moved down here too been here since Oct.. I would like to meet some gfs too .. Where did you move here from? Well let me know if you wanna talk more.

(That one actually send a photo of herself. I feel the need to add: "with clothes on.")

I moved here in July and am still working on making friends. I'm a 22/f. Where did you move from?

(And that's the one that made me feel bad.)

But then this most recent one made me feel a lot better:

"lol, if this post is sarcastic, it's fucking perfect. right down to the condescension towards gay guys, boring hobbies, and questionable musical taste. also love the writing style. too bad you're probably serious, we'd have been awesome friends.
good luck anyway, got plenty of girls around here like that. "

So what do you think - funny or not?


Kate said...


Randi said...

This, right here, is exactly why I adore you so much! Classic! And, don't think you are alone in this guilty pleasure. I used to frequent "Missed Connections" as well. Come to think of it, I should probably browse the latest tonight. I miss you my friend!

Zanne said...

funny! Except I really do love shopping, gay boys and taylor swift. Does this mean we can't really be friends?